250W To 295W Poly Solar Panel
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250W To 295W Poly Solar Panel

  • AR290P-24


Electrical Characteristics                       AR290-24P

Maximum power at STCPmax                   290W

Optimum operating voltageVmp                 32.0V

Optimum operating currentImp                  9.221A

Open-circuit voltageVoc                        38.6V

Short-circuit currentIsc                        9.81A

Short-circuit current temperature coefficient      0.065±0.015%/℃

Open-circuit voltage temperature coefficient       -80±10mV/℃

Peak power temperature coefficient              -0.5±0.05%/℃

NOCT (Air 20℃;   Sun 0.8kW/m wind 1m/s)            47±2℃

Operating temperature                          -40℃ to 85℃

Maximum system voltage                          1000V DC

Power tolerance                                     ±3%

STC: lrradiance 1000W/m2Module temperature 25

Specification                                                             AR290-24P

Cell                                                           Poly-crystalline silicon solar   cells 156*156

No.   of cell and connection                                                   606×10

Dimension   of module                                            1640mm×990mm×35/45mm  

Weight                                                                       18.0kg

l  Nominal 24V DC for standard output.

l  High efficiency. 30 year module output warranty.

l  Outstanding low-light performance.

l  High transmission tempered glass.

l  Rugged design to withstands high wind

Pressure and snow load, easy installation.

l  Aesthetic appearance.

l  Design to meet unique demand of customer.

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