20KW Hybrid Wind Solar System Off Grid
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20KW Hybrid Wind Solar System Off Grid

  • ARFG-20KW


10KW wind turbine &10KW solar panel hybrid system

ALLRUN solar and wind hybrid system carries all components necessary for putting together solar, wind and hybrid electric systems. We also carry complete package systems for off-grid and grid-intertied homes, businesses and stand-alone remote projects. Please note

 It is complete unit, with each parts, such as blades, generator, cable , tower , base , inverter, controller and so on, ready to install , you can use for home , for the factory , for power station and so on. and also we can adjust for you if you have any special requirement for it , such as voltage , tower height and so on .

  The blades of our turbine are made of FRP by hands which is strong enough , higher quality and lighter weight . and our wind turbine can start working at very low wind speed , and also can bear hard wind speed . and our design is 30% efficiency higher than other shaped blades . 

Our design use the permanent magnet generator and fine copper coil which can stand high temperature To guarantee the high efficiencies and long life time of the wind turbine .

The controller is micro-computer control and The Inverter is Pure Sine Wave with high efficiency, LCD screen and self-protection on voltage .  The solar panels are high efficiency , full power , can bear high wind speed

Following is the main technical data:

Specs for hybri wind solar system 20KW 

genrator of 10KW


Blades diameter: 8.0(M)

Rated rotor speed: 200(r/m)

Rated speed:10(m/s)

Rated power:10000W

Max power:20000W

Output voltage:220V( can adjust to what you need)

Security wind speed:50(m/s)

Generator shell materialPressure cast iron




Guy wire tower

Height of pole: 8 m

Thickness: 7 mm

Tower diameter: 133(mm)

Flange: 320*320*16mm

Sections of tower3

Material: Q235 Steel pipe

Surface treatment: painting against decaying

blades 3 pcs



Material of bladesFRP Lay-up by hand

Number of blades3PCS

Diameter of blades:8.0M






9720W Solar Panels(with bracket )

(27pcs 360w solar panels or just to what you need  or local  requirement). And also mounting brackets can be different style. Such as on roof , on ground and so on .


REFERENCE NUMBER: MONO-crystalline silicon Solar Panel

Maximum Power: 360w

Description of goods:

1.High Quality poly-crystalline cells with156×156mm
2.Module conversion efficiency above 17%
3.TUV certified PV junction box
4. Low iron tempered glass with 3.2mm thickness
5.EVA ,TPT and Alumininum frame as weatherproof structure for extended outdoor use
6.Lead wire with waterproof connector for the output terminal
7.Power tolerance keeps at  ±3%.
8.CE and ROHS TUV IEC  ISO9001Certificate
9.10 years 95% and 30 years 80% of power quality warranty.
10.Vmp:39.1v  Imp:9.2A 

20kw controller

Wind & solar hybrid   controller with dump


Rated Wind Input Power10kW

Rated PV Input Power10kW

Rated Battery Voltage216VDC( can adjust to what you need)

Floating Charge Voltage252VDC

Control ModePWM

Display MethodLCD

Display ParameterBattery Voltage, Charging Current, state parameter

Cooling MethodFan

Protection TypeSolar panel reverse-charge protectionSolar panel reverse-connect protectionBattery reverse-connect protectionBattery open circuit protectionwind turbine automatic brake and Manual brake protection

Operation Ambient Temperature-4070

Operation Altitude≤4000m

Operation Ambient Humidity-40~+65/35~85%RH,no condensing

Controller Size (mm) Weight (kg) 645*480*330   25Kg

Dump load Size (mm) Weight (kg)  760*520*550   37 Kg

10kw wind solar inverter






Rated Output Capacity20kW( can adjust )

Rated Battery Voltage216VDC

Over Voltage Point306VDC

Over Voltage Recovery Point 297VDC

Under Voltage Point180VDC

Under Voltage Recovery Point 216VDC

No Load Loss0.12A

Output WaveformPure Sine Wave

Display MethodLCD

Display ParameterBattery Voltage, Output Voltage, State Parameter

Cooling MethodFan

Rated Output Voltage110/120/220/230/240/380VAC

Total Harmonic Distortion≤4

Output Frequency50/60 Hz±0.05Hz

Dynamic Response5%

Overload Ability120% 3 minutes,150% 10 seconds

Inverting Efficiency94%


Dielectric Strength1500VAC, one minute

Protection TypeBattery over voltage protectionBattery under voltage protectionBattery reverse-connect protectionOutput over load protectionOutput short circuit protectionOver temperature protection

Operation Ambient Temperature-4070

Operation Altitude≤4000m

Operation Ambient Humidity0~90%,no condensing

Size(W×H×D)mm610*950*1300 mm



Maintenance free batteries

Type: Maintenance free batteries

Model: 12v 150AH  Quantity : 16 pcs

Other Accessories

Base, Wire, Wire   tighten Tool, Anchors of Base, Anchors of Wire ,nut & washer & bolt   suitable for installation

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