2KW 1KW H Vertical Wind Turbine Generator
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2KW 1KW H Vertical Wind Turbine Generator

  • ARH-1KW


Rated Power 2KW

Blades H-shaped

Blades number 5 pc

Rotor Diameter 22 m

Blade Length 2200 mm

Rated Rotated Speed 200 r/m

Rated Wind Speed 6m/s

Output Voltage 24/48v/96v

Start Up Wind Speed 1.5m/s

Operating Wind Speed 1.5-25m/s

Security Wind Speed 40m/s

Output Controller System charger and inverter

Suggest Battery 12V100AH 8pcs

Can Supply Power for Refrigerators, Washing machines, Water pumps, Cookers, Color television sets, Lighting, Electric fans, small AC ,Charge and so on


 it is complete unit, with each parts, such as blades, generator, cable , tower , base , inverter, controller and so on, ready to install , you can use for home , for the factory , for power station and so on.

  Our design is H style with 5 blades, The blades of the VAWT were made of  FRP by hands which is strong enough , higher quality and lighter weight . with Hot Air Path on the blades which can fully use of the wind the most , So the wind system can start at very low wind speed  and also it can work very quietly , no any noise , so it has been widely used for home , for office , for school , for garden and so on . you can install on roof, on ground .

 The efficiencies of  our  blades are 30% higher than other   blades in the markets .  

Our design use the permanent magnet generator and fine copper coil which can stand high temperature To guarantee the high efficiencies and long life time of the wind turbine .

The controller is micro-computer control and The Inverter is  Pure Sine Wave .  


Add: West Liaoyang Rd., Shibei Dist., Qingdao, Shandong, China    Tel: +86 532 85650065 
Phone: +86 13153225739    Email: allrun@qdallrun.com
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